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I like atudying at Speakasaurus very much. It's really interesting and entertaining. We even play our favourite games like Roblox. I think it's the best school in my life!
Student at Speakasaurus
August 29, 2023
I highly recommend you English classes at Speakasaurus. They are not just usual English classes, they are GAMIFIED English classes. I also like our Telegram chat where we speak about our life and share game ideas. For me having classes is very comfortable because they're hold on Discord and our teacher gives us feedback after each class. I'm really amazed that we play Roblox and speak English at the same time!
Student at Speakasaurus
April 14, 2023
Speakasaurus is a school where you can easily learn how to speak English. The classes are gamified what makes them very interesting and fun. I really like studying at Speakasaurus. The teachers there are the best!!
Student at Speakasaurus
August 13, 2023
The teacher Sonya is very nice, as she explains everything very well and always listens to you. I also love the fact that we learn English by playing videogames. It's so interesting!
Student at Speakasaurus
March 13, 2023
Incredibly friendly teacher Sonya that will explain everything and will answer all your questions. During the classes we do the thing that we love - playing games. While playing games we speak English and learn rules and vocabulary.
Student at Speakasaurus
August 8, 2023

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